Friday, May 25, 2012

Notes From the Week - May 25, 2012

-Birthday party for Boober this weekend. She will be 5 if you can believe it. Making these decorations. Scratch that...Michael's does not have what I need.
-Totoro up there is replacing the Gabba gang for her birthday since I mistakenly deleted the pattern and am still waiting to hear from the seller. I hope she likes it.
-Marshmallow Poppers - Dude!! Game on. 
-Happy birthday to Tenacious E!!
-Poem/Excerpt - This is a good summation of my spiritual inclinations, but only a summation.
-Weaving in ends trick - Major crochet duh here. I abhor missing the obvious.
-We all make a difference - Little things we can change to help reduce waste.
-Eeep!! - I think I know which plant markers I want to make.
-Girly Fun - Smells and polish. 
-Children's Books - I love De La Noco's suggestion to put these on your coffee table in lieu of the standard 15 pound tome.
-Landlord Survey - He also offers an exhausting, although necessary, list of questions to ask your future landlord.

Looking forward to the long weekend - full of plans, of course. And heat, as the standard goes around the Lou. ~ OP

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