Monday, May 14, 2012

Notes from the Week - Mother's Day Edition

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day! I spent the day working in the yard amid the beautiful weather. Oddly, we had no family functions this year, but I am so grateful for the work we got done yesterday. I can't wait to show you. Last week's links and musings...sorry I missed you Friday.

-I made the necklace up top for a friend. I might also try this one.
-Lavender is cut and propagated. I hope it works and will keep you posted.
-Making these with the kids -  although we don't really use sugar in this way. Let's give them away!
-Harvested my first veggies of the season - choi, rabe, and kale - and they were delish!
-Simple happiness
-Time to buckle down and structure my day a little more so I can work AND play.
-I might submit an upcycle project to MAKE today. If I do, I will share with you.
-Eagle Poem 

My mind is finally catching on to the fact that it does not have to operate in the corporate realm for the time being. I wasn't very Zen last week, but hopefully most of the adjustment period is over. ~ OP


  1. Hi..o that poem is so lovely..and tbh when i was little i used to think things came to life when no-one was looking..sshh..
    Zen life's amazing..and so true..its about living your life how you want to..fear is a big factor for us all..fear of the unknown..but taking just one tiny step in the right direction is totally freeing...
    Its tough adjusting to a totally different way of being like your doing...i had that adjustment period too..and literally found myself flopped on the sofa watching tv doing nothing...thankfully i found the down to earth blog with the lovely rhonda jean..i owe that lady so much..could go on for ages about it all but won't ..
    take care

  2. Yes, Rhonda is truly inspirational. Glad you liked the links!