Friday, May 4, 2012

Notes From the Week

  • Ran 2.8 miles yesterday and 4 consecutive nights this week. Legs are begging for mercy less often now. Taking tonight off.
  • Temps are rising, so the run is sticky now. Kind of ick.
  • I have a new friend in the garden (see pic). What should we name him?
  •  Upcycle Inspiration - I need a Twister raincoat
  • The annuals are slowly making their way into the ground. The tomatoes look great. The watermelon needs a home. Bud's Zinnia seeds are up. That's an understatement...they are bursting to life. Still no word from the Poppies or Johnny Jump-Ups.
  • The best way to learn.
  • I am going to try THIS because I would love to have a lavender patch for cheap.
  • My favorite poem this week - Making a Bed
  • I think I may keep more of my plants with a little potting update. So cute.This is also fun.
Looking forward to a less busy weekend. It should help me get ready for my new home! YES!! Peace ~ OP


  1. ooh call him tarzan..i love the lavender patch idea...
    Yes monday is D-Day.. enjoy life's roller-coaster..we only get the one ride..
    Our potting she dis full to bursting with seedlings ready to go in..however it has rained everyday for almost 3 wks now,fed up of it..bit ironic really as we are on a hosepipe ban..
    nevermind it can only get better..
    take care and enjoy your weekend

    1. Tarzan it is! I would love to see your potting shed. I would love to have a potting shed. Hosepipe ban, eh? I'm listening.

  2. Hosepipe ban has been in place since April 5th..we have had no substantial rain for the last 18 months and our reservoirs are running ban it is..and then they have the cheek to increase our water rates..we have been ready for this ban for a while..we have water barrels all over the garden and off the downpipes...saving water is now even more important than ever..i have stasthed a few cartons of bottled water away for us to drink but hopefully it won't come to a stand pipe in the street and water being is so ironic as we have had the wettest april for nearly a hundred years and may is shaping up to be wet too...we are so far behind in planting the garden...
    Its not my potting shed lol..its hubby's..but i am allowed in as long as i don't move things around haha..its cosy and has an old armchair in 2 little chairs as the girls go in there with their daddy to help him pot up little really is heaven in there..i love it and have on occassion whilst pregnant been known to doze off in the chair...its so damn comfy thats the problem...
    i love tarzan..nice 6 pack..
    take care