Thursday, May 17, 2012

Reclaimed Concrete

Quite literally, in fact. My brother, once upon a time resided with us, and used these jagged blocks as pavers for his vegetable garden. They have been making a nice home for bugs and probably snakes in a corner of the yard since he moved out...several years ago. I offered them back to him last weekend and thought "Maybe I could use them?" I know. I am a total "degifter", but they look pretty awesome lining the ends of my bed and it got me thinking about all the materials you can get for free with some creative searching. Plus, who wants to spend money on a fountain with a cherub in it that all your neighbors have? Or the geese you dress up? Oi vey, the geese...although, if I ever find a free one, I might have to upcycle it into a garden dragon .~ OP

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