Thursday, May 24, 2012

Succubus and Succulents

Cthulu and Sponge Bobbi

I am the succubus in this tale, slowly (and sometimes rather speedily) draining the life out of my succulent plants. Normally, I am growing moss on my thumbs, they are so green! But gimme a plant that doesn't need me and I'll kill it.

I really have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have managed to keep an aloe plant and Cthulu up there alive for several years. I have read about the proper care of desert plants. I wait until their loose soil/sand/rock bed is dry before I water again. So where is the disconnect?

I read they needs lots of bright light. I took them outside the past couple of days to give them some sun and I know for certain the aloe hated it, but my uncle has those plants outside at his house all summer. Sponge Bobbi seemed fine, but today she looks a little more wrinkled. It makes me nervous.

Succulents are terrific plants, however, I am just not sure they belong in my care. So I have some questions for you based on your experience...

1)  How much and what kind of sun/light do most of these guys need? Some growers mentioned using a grow light to supplement in the winter.
2)  How long do you go between waterings? Wait until the soil is dry? Leave it dry for a few days?
3)  What kind of soil do you use? All rocks? A mix?
4)  Do you ever take yours outside? If so, do you need to harden them off for a bit?

If you have any other tips let me know. I would like to get more of these guys once I learn how to make them thrive. ~ OP

PS - I promise to share some crafty stuff soon and a pattern for May.

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