Friday, June 29, 2012

Notes From The Week - June 29, 2012

Too hot - even for water balloons. We're gonna need more popsicles I think. I am going to keep the linky love going for now. Hope you find something wonderful. ~OP

-Book Landscapes - These are really beautiful.
-Pretty pressed flowers - Nice and easy DIY.
-House props - Interesting tidbit on items used solely for display purposes. Thanks for the link Glutennifer.
-Photo Transfers - I have wanted to try these so badly. Does anyone have a laser printer (pew-pew!)?
-Pretty Photos - They make me think of Fall (too early), but in a good way.
-You are not special - Something to think about when praising our wonderful babies.
-Wool Landscapes - I think I see a yarn volcano in my future.
-Retro Library Posters.
-Colorful Garden - Made from miniature cameras.

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