Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rabbit Spirit

Who do I spy, behind the flowers?

I waited for it to pass, for hours.

A shy and bouncing funny bunny
with two large, round eyes

I can't believe it! It just might, no it couldn't be,
A Totoro Surprise!

So much cleaner than having an actual pet rabbit, and I think, cuter. This Totoro was originally destined for my niece on her 8th birthday, but he was not completed in time. After my most recent Gabba debacle, I decided to finish Totoro and give him to Boober for her birthday since she shares her cousin's delight with the little rabbit spirits. As for my neglected niece, I am hoping to come through with her own Totoro very soon. He is so sweet, though, I may have to make one for myself as well .~ OP

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