Monday, July 2, 2012

Plant Markers

I linked to these a few weeks back and rushed out to make them for my hosta garden. Last year I boasted at least 11 varieties, but this year I have something like 20 hostas and I LOVE them. I felt it was time to label or name them to help keep up with what I own and these clay markers were the right amount of whimsy and simplicity for my garden friends.

Cute yield: High, especially with awesome cookie cutters
Effort: Not worth it. As cute as these are, I won't be making more. They took to long and made my hands hurt, which is not what I want in this type of craft. Update: I also would not use hot glue if you intend to use them outside because the clay pops right off the sticks. Time for some E600.
Price: Again too much for what you get. Sculpey is expensive and the thick popsicle sticks were high also. Add to that a clay stamping set that is not easy to use and for $20+ I made 10 markers.

This project is not hard, but my expectations were different. It did however, inspire me to name all of my plain, green hostas after the Fellowship of the Ring, although future markers will probably be made from thrifted spoons. ~OP

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