Monday, July 23, 2012

Repurposed Scccowl

I was going through my winter storage bin and came across an old scarf that had fallen out of my favor. It was still in great shape, but not really my style or colors. It was also about 3.5 inches wide by 8 feet long!

While I am embracing a more minimal lifestyle, I also try not to waste and there was life left in this scarf so it thought it might get worn more as a cowl. I couldn't agree more.

Perhaps you have an old scarf too?

Lay your scarf out flat and make sure there are no twists, unless you want them. I used some scrap yarn to weave the ends together and fastened off, but you could just as easily use a sewing machine or enjoy a little hand stitching. Since mine was so long, I can twist it four times or double it twice. Much more manageable methinks!

And here is a pic of my new camera. Do you love it? I really do. ~ OP

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