Friday, August 31, 2012

Jar the First

I actually completed two jars on my first week of the challenge. Huzzah for wuurkin' it! I crocheted some size 20 thread on a D hook to get a lacy wrap for this jar. I filled it with some Asian Orzo and gave it away to an oldie, but bestie. I love sharing!

I wanted to keep the lid with it, but not the gold color. It didn't fit the thread well, so I found an image with complimentary colors and modpodged it down. I winged this part, but here is a good link for 'podging lids.

My favorite things about glass jars is how versatile and pretty they are on their own. You could drop a tealight in there for a lacy glow or punch a hole in the lid and use it to keep your yarn ball from rolling all over the place or a small vase. Dressing them up and giving them away just adds to their appeal. I am anxious to try some other techniques too and maybe improve some other crafty skills with this. We'll just have to see how this project progresses. Mooches ~ OP

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jar Challenge

You've heard me say it before - I despise clutter. I also detest waste - probably more so than clutter. My cabinet full of glass food jars proves it, but it is to the point where I cannot save anymore from the recycle bin. I can't just dump them in there either.

I use as many as I can for food storage. Some are designated as toothbrush holders or various types of receptacles. I am really proud of finding uses for them in my home instead of 1)spending money on new items that serve the same purpose and 2) wasting the energy it takes for them to be recycled.

So I am proposing an ambitious challenge to myself. Each week, I am going to add some pretty pretty and give them away. Hopefully, the unexpected gift will brighten someone's day. It might even be you. ~ OP

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Small Pentagon Ball

This is my new go-to baby gift because I am always shocked at how quickly this ball works up. The bright and random colors keep me turning it over and over in my hands. Hopefully the new babe will delight in it as much as us grown-ups.

It is the perfect blend of monotonous stitching and intricacy making it a lot of fun to put together. Slowly, my yarn stash is dwindling with this project. I only hope I have enough of the fun colors left to make one for my crib. PATTERN HERE. ~OP

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Makeover - Starfish Earrings

Color is 'Cajun Shrimp' by OPI

As I go through my old and unwanted things, I always ask myself if there is some way to change so it can be used again. I have some Tiffany knockoff silver earrings that I used to love wearing when they were bright and shiny, but they eventually took on a worn patina that was not so nice. Since I wasn't sure if they were real silver, I decided to forgo the aluminum and boiling water and set my sights on some bright, coral-colored nail polish.

If you have some old metal pieces that could use a pick me up, grab them and your favorite color nail polish for an easy makeover.

You will need:
220 grit sandpaper or nail buffer
Nail polish - color of choice and clear topcoat
Old jewelry
Jump rings/Earring hooks/hardware (optional) - you only need this if you decide to change it out.
2 pairs small, flat pliers (optional) - for changing out your hardware

  1. Remove any jewelry hardware with pliers or tape over it with painter's/masking tape.
  2. Using fine grit sandpaper (220 or higher), lightly sand the surface you wish to cover.
  3. Apply first coat of nail polish color. Let it dry completely between coats. I did somewhere between 6-8 coats to achieve the finish I wanted, but you can do more or less depending on your piece and how the polish covers.
  4. Apply at least one clear top coat. Let it dry between coats. Tip: I tried using an acrylic sealer on this first and it "pulled" my nail polish, causing me to have to apply extra color coats. Use the top coat polish instead.
  5.  Add your hardware back or replace it and you are ready to groove.
I wear these all the time now and I am in love with the color. It's on the fringe of the neon craze, which suits me perfectly. ~ OP