Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jar Challenge

You've heard me say it before - I despise clutter. I also detest waste - probably more so than clutter. My cabinet full of glass food jars proves it, but it is to the point where I cannot save anymore from the recycle bin. I can't just dump them in there either.

I use as many as I can for food storage. Some are designated as toothbrush holders or various types of receptacles. I am really proud of finding uses for them in my home instead of 1)spending money on new items that serve the same purpose and 2) wasting the energy it takes for them to be recycled.

So I am proposing an ambitious challenge to myself. Each week, I am going to add some pretty pretty and give them away. Hopefully, the unexpected gift will brighten someone's day. It might even be you. ~ OP

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