Friday, August 31, 2012

Jar the First

I actually completed two jars on my first week of the challenge. Huzzah for wuurkin' it! I crocheted some size 20 thread on a D hook to get a lacy wrap for this jar. I filled it with some Asian Orzo and gave it away to an oldie, but bestie. I love sharing!

I wanted to keep the lid with it, but not the gold color. It didn't fit the thread well, so I found an image with complimentary colors and modpodged it down. I winged this part, but here is a good link for 'podging lids.

My favorite things about glass jars is how versatile and pretty they are on their own. You could drop a tealight in there for a lacy glow or punch a hole in the lid and use it to keep your yarn ball from rolling all over the place or a small vase. Dressing them up and giving them away just adds to their appeal. I am anxious to try some other techniques too and maybe improve some other crafty skills with this. We'll just have to see how this project progresses. Mooches ~ OP

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