Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jar #2

 I am counting this glass in the Jar Challenge because it inhabited the same cabinet and was begging to be modified. This is the perfect votive or tealight holder for the shorter days heading our way and couldn't be easier to make.

Here's how you do it...1)Collect some pretty leaves outside and press them between some paper and heavy books for 2-24 hours. 2) Grab an old jar or glass, tissue paper, modpodge, paintbrush, and scissors. 3) Adhere flattened leaves to the glass with Modpodge and paintbrush. Take a quick coffee break and let dry for a bit. 4) Use paintbrush to cover one section at a time with Modpodge. Adhere tissue paper gently, pushing out any air bubble from the center to the edges. Continue around entire piece. Trim excess paper and let dry completely. 5) Cover entire piece with another coat of Modpodge and let dry completely. Lightly sand any rough edges and you're done!

Now I just need to decide who to give this too...I wish I had some beeswax tealights to throw in there. Maybe some flowers? ~ OP

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