Thursday, October 4, 2012

Upcycled with Nail Polish

The quest to declutter is never ending and I found this old scrapbooking flatware amongst my supplies. I am not even sure why I owned them or why anyone would use these in a scrapbook. At an inch and a half long, they were the perfect size for earrings, but were dingy and in need of some shine. Grab some supplies and you can make some too.

You will need: Nail polish color/s of your choice~Clear top coat polish~Trinkets/bead/scrapbooking baubles with something to hook to~Earring hooks~Jump rings~Fine sandpaper (120 is good)~Flat needle nose pliers to open and close jump rings

Sand any rough edges on all sides of piece.

Apply between 3-5 coats of polish to each side, allowing time to dry completely before moving on.

Apply 2 coats of clear polish to each side, allowing time to dry completely between coats.

Add your jump rings and hardware. Jump ring tutorial here, if you've never done it before.

Punch some holes on any piece of recycled cardstock or cardboard to give as gifts or rock them yourself. My little earring cards were courtesy of my kiddos last Christmas. They made me an entire gift tag set. Works well for these, don't ya think? ~ OP