Monday, February 25, 2013

Coasters and Charger

Making gifts for newlyweds can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are not close. I always strive to not inundate people with things they cannot use and hopefully they can enjoy them aesthetically. Nobody needs more junk. So after a couple visits to my cousin's wedding registries it seemed a set of coasters and decorative charger to coordinate with her kitchen and dining room would fit the bill.

The colors are a bit ostentatious, which I love, and will serve as a colorful accessory they can find many uses for. I have seen patterns for this type of thing before, but I just winged it.  Next time I may try to do an invisible-slip-stitch-thing at the end, so the finishing is a bit more pro, but I am satisfied with this round (no pun intended). Peace.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sewing Project: Capes

These reversible capes were everyone's favorite Christmas gift. I made my own patterns and appliques and while they are not technically perfect, the normal observer would never notice. The fabric came from two flat sheets I saved making them essentially free.

Buddy's cape has dynamite on one side and a saguaro cactus on the reverse. I crocheted him a stick of dynamite to accompany the cape. Boober's is complete with lightning and cheese on the red side and an old timey wick bomb on the reverse. She got a crocheted bomb to throw around as well.

 Considering this was my fourth sewing project and first pattern draft I am really proud of these. The kids have a lot of fun pretending in them and I could tell they were genuinely excited and impressed by them. Now I just need to make the masks. Every super entity needs a mask. ~ OP

Update: This is also the last Christmas item I have to show you...I think. XO