Friday, March 22, 2013


Starting something new, only to finish it much later has always been a habit of mine, especially with crafty projects. They need time to setup, in my brain or otherwise, sometimes. I don't think the clouds help with this either. Here are a few things I am in the midst of. Above: Patchwork Granny Blanket from Attic24.

This arrowhead mobile for my room needs one more leg and the ends sewn in. I may also change the hoop up with some bright paint.

I have been checking out as many sewing books as I can from the library.

New handwarmers for a special auntie.

Scooping up fabric sales.

Making an absurd (and tardy) Valentine's Day fanny pack for Hubble.

One down, three to cushions for our smelly Ewok.

Did you hear I am headed to YarnCon in Chicago? My family loves me and is sending me to submerge myself in a building filled with scrumptious yarn for my birthday. My yarn bestie is coming along too and I couldn't be more excited. I love those guys!

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