Monday, May 27, 2013

Play With Your Food

I LOVE play food, especially when it's not plastic. I wish we had our own set of squishy delectables in the house, and after making this grouping, I am anxious to get to it. The requirements for this set, and the reason for the unusual mix, was 1. I had to use yarn I had on hand. 2. I wanted all the yarns to be the same fiber. (I used cotton) 3. They had to be washable. I think I won this round of stash busting.

These were made for my favorite just-turned-two-year-old and I hope he gets hours of fun from playing with his food. I would also like to thank my photo assistant, Boober, who learned about paid modeling through this job.

I voluntarily left the seed detailing off because I didn't like anything other than seed beads and didn't feel it was safe for a toddler.

This is the project, where after years of crocheting, I finally learned about "right" side and "wrong" side in amigurumi. I have always questioned it, but never needed it until this. I actually prefer the smoother look to the wrong side, but this is still embarrassing.

I changed the pattern a little for each one of these, made the leaves into one piece instead of three, and stuffed the larger carrots lightly.

Well, you have to have some dessert in there. Is it just me or do the cupcakes with the ruffle edges not look like regular cupcakes to anyone else? I will have to come up with a more realistic pattern, but it didn't stop her from taking a bite. This is the only non-washable piece and umm, there are seed beads, but the piece wouldn't be the same without them. His parents might have to shelve this one until he's a little older. Oh well.

Happy birthday E-man! I have so much fun watching you grow up.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Camping Blanket the First

This was a good morning. Warm, sunny, I took my not-so-secret project out to the porch with my coffee and basked. Just like a lizard, only not so scaly.

I have been working on birthday presents, so this camping blanket was started for the times when I want to yarn, but can't quite get clear of the recipients of said presents. I also want to use up all of my acrylics. I didn't want to donate them, but no longer love them and I came up with this solution after our last attempt at camping. We were rained out, but these yarns are perfect for the wear and tear that goes along with tent vacationing.

At this point, I have doubled the size shown here. I have also gone through a lot of my yarn to set up colors for the rest of the blankets. I figure each of us needs one for wrapping up next to the fire.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mickey and Chicky

I meant to photograph these two friends a while back, but Mickey (on the left) went with Buddy to his other house for an adventure. By the time he got back both chicks had been well played with and a bit disheveled, but that just tells me they are loved. These two chicks hopped into the Easter scavenger hunt from this pattern. Now they are best friends and neighbors.