Monday, May 20, 2013

Camping Blanket the First

This was a good morning. Warm, sunny, I took my not-so-secret project out to the porch with my coffee and basked. Just like a lizard, only not so scaly.

I have been working on birthday presents, so this camping blanket was started for the times when I want to yarn, but can't quite get clear of the recipients of said presents. I also want to use up all of my acrylics. I didn't want to donate them, but no longer love them and I came up with this solution after our last attempt at camping. We were rained out, but these yarns are perfect for the wear and tear that goes along with tent vacationing.

At this point, I have doubled the size shown here. I have also gone through a lot of my yarn to set up colors for the rest of the blankets. I figure each of us needs one for wrapping up next to the fire.

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