Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing Class: Ironing Board Cover

Never again will I have to grumble at the cutesy and boring offerings from Target in the ironing board cover department. Nope, I can make my own...with any fabric I want.

This is my kind of floral and I really felt like this red color would not show burn marks as quickly. Fingers crossed I am right!

This was before I washed it, hence the floppy fabric. I intentionally washed the finished piece after it was sewn to help it have a snug fit when I put it on. Worked like a dream. As intimidating as something like this looks, it was probably one of the easier projects I have done. The instructions for lesson were better too. Trace, cut, finish edge, sew in elastic, wash, and adorn your board with your new (way better) cover. Loves it!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sewing Class: Tool Roll-up

I am just recently getting back into my sewing class online. I missed being at my machine, but knew I would have to finish this project before I could advance. I really wanted to finish it, but not the way the instructor set out. I suppose that is the best thing about taking a class online; without a live teacher standing there with you, you are forced to figure things out and learn a ton about your machine and yourself in the process.

Despite its minor flaws, it turned out well and has been much handier than the metal trunk I used to carry my hooks in. I am starting to (not really) catch up with you Glutennifer!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Peach and Caymee

Mama and baby sea turtles for daughter's birthday? You got it. She found this set as I was looking through Ana Paula Rimoli's Amigurumi 2 book. It made sense that she would request her own since we have been reading much about these creatures.

I was tricky too and didn't give it to her at her party because I think she may have seen the turtles in progress. Instead, I made sure she had something to open on her actual birthday and reclaimed the surprise. She loves them and decided to name the mama 'Peach' and the baby 'Caymee'.

After I assembled the newborn, I was bowled over by its cuteness. It's so damn small and is just begging for someone (ahem, me) to make a silly voice and pretend I it is in Finding Nemo. All the toys in this pattern book have a high cute factor, which is not something I always appreciate, but I really like the patterns in this book even we crochet a little differently.

Peach also comes with four unhatched eggs. Everything stores nicely inside her shell top when not being played with, making it a cinch to keep track of all the parts.

It's funny to me how pieces like this always end up with so much personality. I don't know if that comes from the playing that ensues or the artist's design. Either way, we love these girls and maybe one of the other eggs will hatch too.