Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing Class: Ironing Board Cover

Never again will I have to grumble at the cutesy and boring offerings from Target in the ironing board cover department. Nope, I can make my own...with any fabric I want.

This is my kind of floral and I really felt like this red color would not show burn marks as quickly. Fingers crossed I am right!

This was before I washed it, hence the floppy fabric. I intentionally washed the finished piece after it was sewn to help it have a snug fit when I put it on. Worked like a dream. As intimidating as something like this looks, it was probably one of the easier projects I have done. The instructions for lesson were better too. Trace, cut, finish edge, sew in elastic, wash, and adorn your board with your new (way better) cover. Loves it!

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